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As an ode to the women-in-art theme of “Sitting Pretty,” Girls Nite Out Productions is thrilled to partner with five of Vermont’s amazing women artists.  You are invited to enjoy their works exhibited in the lobby during each performance.  We are humbled to announce that each artist has generously donated a painting or drawing to be included in our raffle (which raises money for a GNOP scholarship for young women pursuing the theater arts).  We hope you enjoy their work as much as we do.  Please join us in celebrating them as extraordinary women in art.

Extraordinary Vermont Women Artists

Holly Hauxjeffers is equally passionate about art and martial arts.  Her extraordinary nudes, featured here, are both magnetic and haunting, allowing the viewer a window into a secret world of the feminine. Contact her at, or call 802-310-1886 to visit her studio at The Greenhouse, 180 Flynn Ave, Burlington.

Ida Ludlow is a versatile, figurative artist whose work is expressive, rich with emotion, with traces of humor and character. She uses vivid color and employs the use of bold black lines that underscore the emotion of her work.

Lynn Cummings is an award-winning painter whose love of gardening, color and nature is evident in her brilliant florals, landscapes, nature-inspired works and most recently, her alluring abstracts. 

Marni McKitrick is a Canadian artist whose remarkable work is often inspired by the beautiful landscapes of her adopted home of Vermont.  Her paintings are bold, yet exquisitely expressive and show an imaginative viewpoint through both literal and abstract interpretations. Contact her at (802) 864-2820 or

Katharine Montstream is a much-beloved Vermont artist whose paintings seem to be as ingrained in our cultural landscape as the scenery they often depict.  Her work ranges from breathtaking landscapes to stunning renditions of the interior of the abandoned Moran Plant. For the first time, Montstream will be exhibiting her ink drawn figures from the early part of her career.  Visit the Montstream Studio at 129 St Paul Street for more -

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