November 10 - 13
& November 17 - 20

Main Street Landing,

Black Box Theater, Burlington


Get your tickets early! 

The last GNOP show sold out all

performances before opening night!


Girls Nite Out Productions is proud to announce we are once again working with playwright Carole Vasta Folley to bring down the house this November with BORROWING TIME, a delightful comedy with heart. 

"To honor and produce the work of women playwrights is a long-cherished GNOP goal that is central to our identity and mission,” said GNOP Co-Founder, Janet Stambolian. “Working with Carole exceeds our wildest expectations over and over again. To help bring her characters and stories to life is an honor and a gift to our community, and we are thrilled to work with her on BORROWING TIME!" 


Vasta Folley's previous collaborations with GNOP include THE SLEEPOVER ~ A COMEDY OF MARRIAGE, ALUMNI PIE, and THE FAMILY OF EWE. Described as having the "storyteller gift," Vasta Folley’s plays speak to the themes of belonging and use humor to illustrate “the crazy, complicated ways we connect with one another.” 


BORROWING TIME is about The Friends of the Stamwick Public Library, a quirky and lively group, who meet regularly to support their beloved town library. One hilarious failed-disaster-of-a-fundraiser after another doesn’t dampen the enthusiasm of Lillian Harris, vice president of the group. Through mini-golf and costume party fiascos, Lillian rallies her fellow members to stick together no matter what, endeavoring to save more than just the library.

Vasta Folley notes BORROWING TIME’s "Stamwick Public Library" is named in honor of GNOP Co-Founders Janet Stambolian and Jennifer Warwick. "They have changed the landscape for women in our local theatre community, creating opportunities not only to be onstage, but to hear our stories told. Bravo and a big congrats on their 10th year anniversary!"