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Shannon Lowe Board.jpg

Shannon has been involved in theater in one way or another since 2004 when her future aunt, Pam Allen, “pushed her off the diving board” by nominating her to direct a show for South Hero Players. And thus, a love affair with community theater was born. Since then, it’s hard to know which she likes better, acting or directing. And of no small note, it’s where she met her wife and years later has the family she always dreamed of. And then in 2019 (just before the pandemic!) she was invited to be in a show with Girls Nite Out Productions, a literal dream come true. While there have been memorable roles and amazing directing experiences, it is hard to pinpoint a favorite, having worked with South Hero Players, Girls Nite Out, Essex Community Players, Shelburne Players and Island Stage; however, being asked to be on the Board of Girls Nite Out is among the top honors of her “career.” To be a part of a women-founded, women-owned, women-centric organization in such a male-dominated industry is a true blessing--not to mention, much needed! Shannon intends to use her experiences in all aspects of theater production to contribute at a high level on the Board of Girls Nite Out Productions and wants to be a part of it for years to come. If anyone reading this has ever wondered if they should be involved in community theater, she says, “Jump into the deep end, you won’t regret it!” And as always, enjoy the show! 

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