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  • Vanya – Male, stage age mid to late 50s. He is very smart and kind but is disappointed with his life. The peace-keeper in the family, he keeps his feelings to himself. He is quiet about his homosexuality but not closeted.  See Audition Sides below.


  • Sonia – Female, stage age early 50s. She was adopted by the family when she was about 8. She is insecure about her looks and feels inadequate when compared to Masha. See Audition Sides below.


  • Masha – Female, stage age late 50s. The oldest and, arguably, the most successful sibling. She is a glamorous movie star and finances the family home allowing Sonia and Vanya to have lived rent free while caring for their parents. Divorced 5 times. See Audition Sides below.


  • Spike – Male, stage age 20s. Masha’s latest “love”. He is fond of her but seems to be fond of everyone. Aspiring actor. *Actor will need to partially undress on stage. See Audition Sides below.


  • Nina – Female, stage age 20s. Aspiring actor and is star-struck by Masha. She is both innocent and an “old soul”. She is filled with youthful enthusiasm for life. See Audition Sides below.

  • Cassandra - this role has been cast; therefore, auditions will not be held for this role.

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