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Jake Strong/Morris Nyborg: Male, 30s-40s, leading man. Jake is tough guy. Morris is worried he is not the leading man he once was.

Sebastian Strong/Bill Wiley: Male, 40s, devilishly handsome. Sebastian is a roguish villain in waiting. Bill is a womanizing sleaze.


Valencio Di Carpathio/John Burke: Male, 60-70ish. Valencio is the villain of the show. Eastern European accent. John is a crotchety old man.

Mona Jeffries/Cybil Dane: Female, 70+. Mona is the show’s matriarch. Cybil has been on the show since it started and has trouble distinguishing when she’s on or off camera.

Eileen Silverstedt/Amy White: Female 30s-40. Eileen is the heroine of the show. Amy is a seasoned actor on the show and is “over it.”

Jessica Silverstedt/Danielle Farris: Female, 20s. Jessica is the ingenue of the show and an angry “teenager.” Danielle is so excited to be on set, overly perky and is star struck by it all.

Doctor William Bradley/Tyler Tripodo: Male, 30s-50s. Dr. William is melodramatic and another villain. Tyler wants to be “Hollywood” and is very full of himself.

Sequoiya/Lily Baumgartner: Female, 20s-40s. Sequoiya is a naïve hippie. Lily is “eccentric.”

Other Characters:
Oli, the director:
may be played as any gender: 50+


Kaitlin, stage manager: may be played as any gender: 30+

Keri, intern: early 20s woman, lots of energy, will have to play a variety of characters, regardless of gender.

Brooke, the cameraperson: may be played as any gender: any age. Bored with it all.

Miles, the producer: may be played as any gender: 40+. Smarmy.

The action in this play takes place on the set of the soap opera, The Bold and The Young. The first 8 characters listed are the soap persona and the actors who play them. These roles require 2 distinct characters from each actor who is cast. The “Other Characters” are the stage crew. All ages are stage ages and not necessarily the age of the actor cast.

The actors playing female roles may be wearing skirts, dresses, and wigs.

The actors playing male roles may be asked to shave or grow facial hair, cut their hair, or wear a wig.

Accepting a role means you agree to the above.

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