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Says Heidi: I love theater. I have finally realized that I am most joyful when I am in and around theater. I love the creativity, the authenticity, the feeling of living on the edge, the fun and the courage that it takes to show up so vulnerably. Girl’s Nite Out produces great theater. I love the mission, the people, the product and the opportunity it offers to women of all ages. I feel most alive when I’m performing. It offers a platform where we can lower our inhibitions and let it all hang out. It offers a place for people to come together to create something wonderful. Every person is essential to its success, which gives meaning, purpose and power to everyone involved. Two of my most amazing theatrical experiences were playing Bombalurina in Cats and Hannah in The Family of EWE, produced by GNOP. I am honored to be a part of GNOP’s ever expanding journey.

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